Organizatons Kent Has Served

48 States and Counting...

As a sought-after youth motivational speaker and leadership-training specialist, Kent Julian speaks to tens of thousands of students, advisors, and educators each year through his connections with Career and Technology Student Organizations such as BPA, DECA, Educators Rising, FBLA, FCCLA, FFA, HOSA, SkillsUSA, and TSA as well as other student leadership organizations like the Key Club, 4-H, Student Councils, and more.

Below is a list of some of the organizations Kent has or is currently serving:

BPA Clients

BPA — National BPA

BPA — Iowa

BPA — Kansas

BPA — New Mexico

BPA — Oklahoma

DECA Clients


DECA Inc — Power Trip


DECA — Georgia

DECA — Idaho

DECA — Kansas

DECA — Montana

DECA — Nevada

DECA — New Hampshire

DECA — New Mexico

DECA — Oklahoma

DECA — Oregon

DECA — Vermont

DECA — Virginia

DECA — Washington

Educators Rising Clients

Educators Rising — Alaska

Educators Rising — Arizona

Educators Rising — Nebraska

Educators Rising — Ohio

Educators Rising — South Dakota

Educators Rising — Texas (TAFE)

FBLA-PBL Clients

FBLA-PBL — National FLC

FBLA — Alabama

FBLA — Arkansas

FBLA — Colorado

FBLA — Florida

FBLA — Illinois

FBLA — Kansas

FBLA — Kentucky

FBLA — Missouri

FBLA — Nebraska

FBLA — Nevada

FBLA — New Hampshire

FBLA — New Jersey

FBLA — North Carolina

FBLA — Oregon

FBLA — Pennsylvania

FBLA — South Dakota

FBLA — Utah

FBLA — Vermont

FBLA — Virginia

FBLA — Wyoming

FCCLA Clients

FCCLA — National Cluster

FCCLA — Arizona

FCCLA — Georgia

FCCLA — Idaho

FCCLA — Indiana

FCCLA — Iowa

FCCLA — Kansas

FCCLA — Louisiana

FCCLA — Mississippi

FCCLA — Montana

FCCLA — Nebraska

FCCLA — Nevada

FCCLA — Ohio

FCCLA — Oklahoma

FCCLA — Oregon

FCCLA — Pennsylvania

FCCLA — South Dakota

FCCLA — Utah

FCCLA — Wyoming

FFA Clients

FFA — Georgia

FFA — Kansas

FFA — New Mexico

FFA — Oklahoma

FFA — Oregon

FFA — Utah

4-H Clients

4-H National — Western Roundup

4-H — Arkansas

4-H — Colorado

4-H — Idaho

4-H — Indiana

4-H — Iowa

4-H — Kansas

4-H — Kentucky

4-H — Louisiana

4-H — Minnesota

4-H — Missouri

4-H — Montana

4-H — New Mexico

4-H — South Carolina

HOSA Clients

HOSA — Arizona

HOSA — Illinois

HOSA — Indiana

HOSA — Iowa

HOSA — Kansas

HOSA — Louisiana

HOSA — Montana

HOSA — Nebraska

HOSA — Nevada

HOSA — North Carolina

HOSA — Oregon

HOSA — South Carolina

HOSA — Utah

HOSA — Vermont

Key Club Clients

Key Club — Alabama

Key Club — Maryland

Key Club — New England and Bermuda

Key Club —Pennsylvania

Key Club — TXOK (Texas & Oklahoma)

Key Club — WIUM (Wisconsin & Upper Michigan)

SkillsUSA Clients

SkillsUSA — Georgia

SkillsUSA — Indiana

SkillsUSA — Kansas

SkillsUSA — Nebraska

SkillsUSA — Oregon

SkillsUSA — South Dakota

SkillsUSA — Vermont

Student Council Clients

Association of Student Council — Georgia

Association of Student Council — Maryland

Association of Student Council — Montana

Association of Student Council — Ohio

Association of Student Council — Pennsylvania

Association of Student Council — Virginia

TSA Clients

TSA — National TSA

TSA — Arkansas

TSA — California

TSA — Georgia

TSA — Idaho

TSA — Kansas

TSA — Oklahoma

TSA — South Carolina

TSA — Texas

Combined Officer Training for State CTSOs

Combined CTSO Joint Leadership Development Conference — Alabama

Combined CTSO Officer Training — Arizona

Combined CTSO Officer Training — Georgia

Combined CTSO Officer Training — Idaho

Combined CTSO Officer Training — Iowa

Combined CTSO Officer Training — Kansas

Combined CTSO Officer Training — New Hampshire

Educational Organizations

AASB (Association of School Boards) — Alabama

ACTE — Montana

ACTE — Nevada

ACTE — Oklahoma

ACTE — South Carolina

ACTE — South Dakota

ASCD (Association of Supervision and Curriculum Development) — Illinois

CTE — Oklahoma

CTE — South Carolina

FACS (Association of Family and Consumer Science Teachers) — Georgia

FACS (Association of Family and Consumer Science Teachers) — Kentucky

FACS (Association of Family and Consumer Science Teachers) — Pennsylvania

ICEARY (Council for Educating At-Risk Youth) — Illinois

ICASE (Council of Administrators for Special Education) — Indiana

Carlisle ISD — Texas

Cypress Fairbanks ISD — Texas

Capital School System — Maryland

Decatur Public Schools — Illinois

Delaware Technical Community College — Delaware

Eagle Pass ISD — Texas

EBSummit (Education and Business Summit) — South Carolina

Education Service Center Region 8 — Texas

Education Service Center Region 15 — Texas

Education Service Center Region 20 — Texas

El Paso ISD — Texas

Engineering for Kids

FTDM (Federal Titles Directors Meeting) — Nevada

Gahanna-Jefferson Public Schools — Ohio

Grand Ridge CCSD #95 — Illinois

Gwinnett County Public Schools — Georgia

Gwinnett Technology Institute — Georgia

Hallen Teachers Association — New York

Heights Career Tech — Ohio

Holly Hills Academy — South Carolina

HOPE Foundation — multiple conferences nationwide

HTRS Public Schools — Nebraska

International Conference of Hutterite Educators — Canada

International Reading Association — Tennessee

Jackson Elementary School — Ohio

Judson ISD — Texas

Junevile Courts Services Conference — Iowa

Katy ISD — Texas

Liberty Learning Foundation — Alabama

Lincoln Parks Performing Arts Charter School — Pennsylvania

LFCC Education Solutions — Virginia

Lompoc United School District — California

Marshall County Schools — West Virginia

Mt. Vernon ISD — Texas

NCSA (Nebraska Council of School Administrators) — Nebraska

NAN (Nevada Afterschool Network) — Nevada

St. Charles Parish Public Schools — Louisiana

SCCDP  (Career Development Professionals) — South Carolina

Somerset ISD — Texas

Sonora ISD — Texas

Southside School District — Pennsylvania

Spartanburg District Five Schools — South Carolina

TXOK Key Club Leadership Team — Texas

TRI Leadership Resources

Upstate Region School Counselors and Career Specialists — South Carolina

Wayne Township ISD — Indiana

Additional Student Leadership Organizations

CTI — Georiga

iBelieve Foundation — West Virginia

GEAR UP — Multiple States

Georgia Teen Institute — Georgia

The Focus Program — Alabama

Liberty Learning Foundation — Alabama

Project PASS Council of Alcoholism and Addictions — Nebraska

Part Stand-Up Comedian. Part Dynamic Storyteller. Incredible Motivational Speaker!

Part stand-up comedian. Part dynamic storyteller. Incredible motivational youth speaker! Kent Julian is the master of inviting his audience on a journey of laughter, encouragement, intensity, and inspiration while communicating clearly that each of us can be 100% responsible for our success in both life and leadership. Easily one of the best motivational speakers for students we've ever had, and we've highly recommended him to other states.

Lisa Firestone — State Officer Coordinator,
SkillsUSA Indiana

Your Message Completely Change How I View My Responses

Thank you for speaking at the DECA Western Region Leadership Conference! Your message was so inspiring and has completely changed the way I view my responses in every situation. What you shared was truly a game-changer for me. ALL of Utah DECA loved hearing your message and it was by far the best out of all seven keynotes.

Suraj Ramkumar — Utah DECA President
& FBLA National Champion

First Annual National BPA Leadership Summit

Thank you so much for keynoting at our first annual National BPA Leadership Summit. Your keynote was so uplifting and inspiring! Our first annual National BPA Leadership Summit was a great success, and you played such a large part in that success. Thank you for being such a wonderful partner!

Dr. LouAnn Ross — Executive Director, BPA

I Was Amazed at How Many Students Came Up to Talk with Him

Kent Julian is one of the best speakers I have ever worked with! Here’s what he did exceedingly well:

First, Kent has an amazing ability to relate to his audience. He quickly developed a rapport with our students and advisers. Even more, what made him stand out from other keynote speakers is he took the time to meet with students both before his presentation and afterward. Our students greatly appreciated Kent’s taking an interest in them! 

Secondly, Kent’s message is so relevant for students and adults alike. He takes a very serious topic and shares how a simple, new way of looking at it can create a much different and more positive outcome. His message really hit home with our students. In fact, I know of one student who reached out extensively through email to Kent to let him know just how much his words impacted her life.

Lastly, he is exceptional at follow-up. As mentioned previously, he takes time after being onstage to meet and interact with students. I was amazed at how many students came up to talk with him, and it was incredible to watch the exchange between Kent and these students!!  

To summarize, Kent Julian stands out from other speakers as he really does goes the extra mile to brilliantly connect with his audience onstage and then authentically connect with them offstage. It was an exceptional experience from start to finish! We will definitely have him back in the future!

Brenda Merkel — State Adviser,
South Dakota FBLA 

Kent Julian - Keynote Speaker - CSP

Biggest Leadership Inspiration

My two biggest inspirations when it comes to leadership? Kent Julian and Simon Sinek.

Merissa McFarland — Area 5
President, DECA


In my role, I look for three attributes in a youth speaker: (1) a great message, (2) someone who is easy to work with, and (3) someone the audience can relate to. KENT IS ALL THREE! He is a very genuine speaker and did an awesome job connecting with our DECA members and providing an outstanding motivational message that set the tone for our entire conference!

Chris Young — Chief Program
Officer, DECA Inc.

Booked 4 Times and Counting...

This year was a super year in NH FBLA, and the feedback from chapters about Kent Julian has been awesome! They loved his stories and honesty. His content, his leading the audience in a huge game of Simon Says, and even his singing in the crowd were all great. Kent definitely delivers the excitement, energy, and interaction needed to energize any group. 

Additionally, he is very easy to work with and will arrange his presentation to fit your event theme. Add to all of this the fact that he and his team are very professional and quick to answer questions/emails. In the evaluation Kent sent us, he asked what he could do differently to improve his program. My answer was, "Wow, I can’t think of anything!"

By the way, here's how much we appreciate Kent... we've booked him multiple times for keynoting at conferences as well as for leadership training of our state officers.

Mina Ayers — State Chairperson,
New Hampshire FBLA

Best Speaker I Have Ever Heard at a 4-H Event

I thought that KYLF went amazing this year, good job Youth Council. Also, we had the BEST SPEAKER I have ever heard at a 4-H event! I would recommend to the next KYLF committee to invest in a good speaker. While it is up to us as council members to make the event what it is, having a great speaker is hard to beat.

Kyle — Youth Council Student,
Kansas 4-H


They Talked About the Strategies Kent Shared for the Entire Year

Kent did an amazing job at our Fall Leadership Conference! His keynote presented core keys to success in a very fresh and inspiring way. He was such a hit with our students, and they talked about specific ideas and strategies he shared throughout the entire year! And then he over-delivered throughout the year via his social media shout-outs to Washington DECA reminding them of his key teaching points. He is more than a motivational speaker, he’s a motivational person!

Candice Caldwell — State Officer Advisor,
Washington DECA

Doubled-Over Laughing One Mintue, Then Later Moved to Tears

Kent Julian’s keynote was the best keynote we’ve ever had at SC HOSA. One minute I was doubled-over laughing, then later I was moved to tears. I walked away inspired and equipped to be "Response-ABLE" for my life. I will never forget E+R=O and how I can guarantee success no matter what circumstances come my way. My friends and I have continued to talk about how to live E+R=O even though the conference has ended. Kent was fantastic, and I’ll never forget his speech!!! He motivated all of the competitors at our conference, and it was incredible seeing all our members walk away changed.

Monica Larson — President,
South Carolina HOSA

More Positive Comments Than All Our Past Speakers

Kent Julian was outstanding! The number of positive comments we received from both our students and adults about his keynote was more than any other speaker we have used in the past.

Walt Roetter —  District Administrator,
Texas-Oklahoma Key Club

You Made Your Presentation All About the Youth

I was unable to get a chance to thank you in person at the Georgia TSA Fall Leadership Conference because my students kept me busy. I just wanted to say, "That was the best keynote I have ever heard (and I’ve attended over 25 conferences)!" You made it all about and for the youth! Thank you, sir, for what you do!

Kevin Seymour — TSA Advisor

Kent Julian, CSP - Motivational Keynote Speaker

Nothing But Positive Comments...We'll Definitely Rebook Kent

We received nothing but positive comments about Kent’s opening and closing keynotes at our State Conference! As a motivational youth speaker, he is a master at reading his audience, authentically connecting with them, and interjecting humor even in the most serious moments. Kent kept EVERYONE engaged from start to finished. We’ll definitely rebook him!

Andrea Vail — Executive Director,
Virginia Association of Student Councils

I Have Already Shared Kent's Contact Information with Other State Advisers

Kent's keynote was excellent, and I was told his workshops were amazing too! Even better, Kent was easy to work with and very accommodating to our needs. We've booked him twice and each time students walked away knowing how to overcome the barriers and challenges they face in life. I would highly recommend Kent and have already shared his contact information with several state advisers!

Sandy Mills — State Adviser,
Virginia FBLA

Incredibly Helpful and Rare Training

Kent is an amazing speaker who is extremely passionate about his E+R=O message! In his keynote, he specifically showed us what steps to take to move from a 50-percent performer to a top 3-percent performer.

And when it came to our state officers' training, he was the first trainer I have ever heard who explained how I could create a speech that shares my leadership ideas in a way that creates enthusiasm and buy-in. It was incredibly helpful and rare! Because of that training, I was able to give my best speech to date the following year.

Kent is the best, and I’m so glad we brought him in for our state-wide leadership conference and our state officers training.

Rachael Ford — Southern Region
Vice President, FBLA

He is NOT a Speaker Who Grabs His Check and Heads to the Airport.

Kent has an outstanding message and definitely believes in what he shares with students. And talk about creating a lasting impact, I visited a high school recently and in their business room "E+R=O" was painted on the wall in bright red letters. This is a core teaching point from Kent's presentation, and that just shows you how memorable his message is!

With all that said, the thing I like most about Kent is his willingness to be present. He came to our conference the night before to have dinner with our state officers. Then, the next day, he was available throughout his entire time with us to visit with members and advisers. He is NOT a speaker who grabs his check and heads to the airport.

(Note: I booked Kent 2 different times and now that I have retired, my successor has hired him as well. Wyoming FLBA appreciates Kent Julian!)

Barb Frates — State Chairperson,
Wyoming FBLA

Motivational Youth Speaker Kent Julian

He is the Same Person Off the Stage as He is On the Stage

Kent is one of the most amazing speakers I've had the opportunity to work with. I've worked with speakers from all across the country, and I've never worked with someone so down-to-earth, friendly, and accommodating. His presentations were amazing, but it was the fact that he was the same person off the stage as on the stage that impressed me the most.

Believe me, you won't regret hiring Kent. He is EASY to work with and actually delivers on his promises!

Mary Kate Chapman —  Associate
Executive Director, GUIDE

What Kent Shares is so Relevant, Useful, and Memorable

Kent’s presentations are captivating—he got the attention of our audience and kept it! And the strategies he shares are so relevant, useful, and memorable. Our leaders continue to remind team members how to take 100% ownership of their responses to the events in their lives (aka E+R=O), and our team members are passing this message along to those they mentor and support.

Allison Faircloth — Executive Director,
Jennifer Claire Moore Foundation

We Reviewed 50 Speakers and Selected Kent

After reviewing upwards of 50 keynote youth speakers, we selected Kent Julian for our State Conference. We were very glad we selected Kent and received extremely positive feedback from our delegates! I have personally heard at least 14 inspirational speakers in my time with 4-H and the unique way Kent presents his main points was more memorable than any of the others. As a result, I will always remember how to move from being a top 50 percent performer to a top 3 percent performer.

But what impressed me even more was the way Kent interacted with our delegates during the event. This demonstrated that he is more than a motivational youth speaker; he’s someone who truly cares about students.

David Runneals — State Council
Member, Iowa 4-H

He Captures the Room Immediately

What amazing energy! Kent has the ability to immediately engage an auditorium full of students first with his charming wit and then capture their emotions with the incredible stories and life lessons he shares. Our gymnasium-filled, middle school assembly was mesmerized by Kent and all our students were 100 percent engaged through his entire 45-minute presentation. Because of Kent’s program, each student walked away with a clear understanding of how to apply E+R=O to their lives and decision-making.

Please hear me...Kent Julian is one of the most personable people I have ever met, and I absolutely loved his ability to capture a room! You would be FOOLISH not to hire Kent to speak to your student organization.

Tawanna Vickers — Program Director,
Liberty Learning Foundation

E+R=O Speaker

Kent Julian is high-energy, he engages with his audience, and he’s hilarious. He’s also a very professional speaker and easy to work with. Our students and teachers alike LOVED his keynote and workshops! He showed our members how to take control of their RESPONSES to the events in their lives in order to positively determine their outcomes. E+R=O!

Christine Phipps — State Advisor,
New Mexico DECA and BPA

Favorite Speaker I've Heard

Kent Julian is probably my favorites speaker that I have heard at any of our state 4-H events! I know many people who also thought the same thing.

Adelaide —  Youth Council
Student, Kansas 4-H

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