Free Teen Leadership Book for GEAR UP Students

Dear GEAR UP State Director,

This post is NOT about my speaking services. This post IS about partnering with you in the great work you do. But bear with me during the first few sentences as I give a little background…

The 2013-2014 school year was a tipping point for my company. I was asked to share the DIRECTION DETERMINES DESTINY message with over 22,500 students, advisors, and educators in 16 different states (visiting some states multiple times).

The last three school years have been even stronger! I’ve been privileged to speak to over 1o0,000 students, advisors, and educators (and I’ve stopped county states).

Yet the number of people I’ve been privileged to speak to was not the tipping point for my company. What was it?

The Tipping Point

As a GEAR UP Director, you are bombarded with requests from speakers who want you to hire them. When I started speaking to student organizations 6 years ago, I decided to take a different approach. From the beginning, my goal was to serve state directors whether you hired me or not. The reason? I was an at-risk student who couldn’t read in third grade and graduated with SAT scores so low that I had to pass Development Studies to get accepted into college—on probation! Yet I went on to graduate college with Cum Laude honors and complete my Master’s Degree with Summa Cum Laude honors.

All that to say, do I hope you hire me as a speaker? Of course. But do I believe in your mission enough to serve you with no strings attached? Absolutely! It was educators like you, especially during middle school and high school, that positively changed the course of my life.

With this in mind, three summers ago my business hit a tipping point when I asked my team the question, “What can we do to serve student organizations above and beyond their expectations?” We decided the best way to add value to you is to give you a resources to help students who face some of the challenges I faced. Therefore, I’d be honored to provide personalized, signed copies of my student leadership book Who Wants To Be Normal, Anyway?! to eight (8) student you selected who are involved in your GEAR UP state program.

We have done this with numerous student organizations around the country and needless to say, the response has been amazing! The picture below shows one of our typical days for mailing books out last summer.

Who Wants To Be Normal Anyway by Kent Julian

Let’s Do It Again

When I speak at state conferences and training events, students regularly thank me for this book. Many even share their favorite success strategy from the book with me. Each of these conversations makes me feel as if I’m partnering with you in the great work you are doing to positively shape the lives of the next generation.

So we’re doing it again! I would like to send you eight (8) personalized, signed copies of my student leadership book Who Wants To Be Normal, Anyway?! There are no strings attached to this offer; it’s my way of partnering with you to invest in the next generation.

In order to receive these books, simply fill out the information in Part One of the survey below. Part Two of the survey is completely optional and designed to help me know how to better serve you. We will gladly send books to you whether you complete Part Two of the survey or not.

Here to serve,
Kent Julian

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