The Ultimate Youth Leadership Experience

[Five 60-to-90 Minute Modules — Each can stand alone or be combined for a day-long experience]

Youth Speaker - Kent Julian - Workshops

Session 1: Normal Leaders Don’t Make History

  • Theme: Personal Leadership
  • Objective: Student leaders can become SHOW UP AND SHINE Leaders by fully engaging in three critical success factors

Session 2: SHOW UP AND SHINE Leaders Start with 1-Thing

  • Theme: Purpose
  • Objective: SHOW UP AND SHINE Leaders are clear about their organization’s 1-Thing and what leadership’s role is in that 1-Thing

Session 3: SHOW UP AND SHINE Leaders Empower Their Team

  • Theme: People
  • Objective: SHOW UP AND SHINE Leaders mobilize their leadership team by seeking first to understand team members and then empowering team members for full engagement

Session 4: SHOW UP AND SHINE Leaders Focus on the Twenty-Percent

  • Theme: Priorities and Plan
  • Objective: SHOW UP AND SHINE Leaders do not focus on the trivial, they focus on what matters most to their organization and make plans accordingly

Session 5: SHOW UP AND SHINE Leaders Rally the Troops

  • Theme: Presentation Skills
  • Objective: SHOW UP AND SHINE Leaders communicate vision in a way that creates enthusiasm and commitment

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Graduate To Your Perfect Career

[45 Minutes, 90 Minutes, or 3 Hours]

Youth Speaker Kent Julian - with DECA studentsIs possible for students to graduate high school, attend a great college, and find their ideal job…even in this economy?


So why are so few graduates doing so? Unless they know the right strategies, possess the right tools, and take the right steps in high school and college, finding work that energizes them can be downright impossible.

If students are serious about being fully engaged in life after high school, this workshop is for them. Because Kent has coached over 1,000 career clients through Live It Forward LLC, he shares real-life advice and strategies students simply won’t hear in any other career workshops.

Students will walk away from this workshop understanding career concepts like how to:

  • Identify their Vocational Calling
  • Create a Vocational Compass that enables them to navigate the thousands of career choices available today and zoom in like a laser beam on work that really fits them
  • Follow a 10-Step Proactive Job Search Strategy that will empower them to walk out the door and GET HIRED

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Goal Setting That Actually Works

[45 Minutes, 60 Minutes, or 90 Minutes]

Motivational Speaker - Kent Julian - Workshop

Goal setting leads to genuine success IF you set the RIGHT GOALS and go about achieving them in the RIGHT WAY!

In this workshop, Kent creatively demonstrates the difference between “Dead Goals” and “Alive Goals” and then shares his “Rocks and Role” strategy for setting goals. He also teaches a full-engagement system for staying focused and actually accomplishing goals. This system is not complex. It’s both easy to understand and easy to implement.

Bottom line, this is a fun, fast-paced workshop that is jam-packed with specific step-by-step actions that will help students SHOW UP AND SHINE in goal setting and goal getting.

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