What Students Are Saying

“Thank you for speaking at the DECA Western Region Leadership Conference! Your message was so inspiring and has completely changed the way I view my responses in every situation. What you shared was truly a game-changer for me. I loved your message, and ALL of Utah DECA loved hearing your message as well!”
— Suraj Ramkumar, 2017-2018 Utah DECA President & FBLA National Champion

“Kent Julian’s keynote was the best keynote we’ve ever had at SC HOSA. One minute I was double-over laughing, then later I was moved to tears. I walked away inspired and equipped to be ‘response-ABLE’ for my life. I will never forget E+R=O and how I can guarantee success in my life no matter what circumstances come my way. My friends and I have continued to talk about how to live E+R=O even though the conference has ended. Kent was fantastic, and I’ll never forget his speech!!! He motivated all of the competitors at our conference, and it was incredible seeing all our members walk away changed.”
—Monica Larson, 2016-2017 South Carolina HOSA President

“After reviewing upwards of 50 inspirational keynote youth speakers, we selected Kent Julian as one of the three speakers for our State Conference. We were very glad we selected Kent and received extremely positive feedback from our delegates! I have personally heard at least 14 inspirational speakers in my time with 4-H and the unique way Kent presents his main points was more memorable than any of the others. As a result, I will always remember how to move from being a top 50 percent performer to a top 3 percent performer. But what impressed me even more was the way Kent interacted with our delegates on Twitter before and after the event. This demonstrates he is more than a motivational youth speaker; he’s someone who truly cares about students.”
—David Runneals, 2012-2013 Iowa 4-H State Council Member

“Kent is an amazing speaker and passionate about his E+R=O message! In his keynote, he specifically showed us the steps needed to move from the top 50 percent performers to the top 10 percent performers to the top 3 percent performers. And when it came to our state officers training, he was the first speaker I have ever heard who explained how I could create a speech that shares my leadership ideas in a way that creates enthusiasm and buy-in. It was incredibly helpful and rare! Kent is the best, and I’m so glad we brought him in for our state-wide leadership conference and our state officers training.”
—Rachael Ford, 2013-2014 FBLA Southern Region Vice President

“In my role, I look for three attributes in a speaker: (1) a great message, (2) someone who is easy to work with, and (3) someone the audience can relate to. KENT IS ALL THREE! He is a very genuine speaker and did an awesome job connecting with our DECA members and providing an outstanding motivational message that set the tone for our entire conference!”
—Christopher Young, Director of High School Division, DECA Inc.

“Kent is so engaging and inspiring as a motivational speaker. I will always remember the E+R=O equation he taught us. It’s not the EVENTS in our lives that determine our OUTCOMES, it’s how we choose to RESPOND. Powerful! My friends and I ended up talking about E+R=O a lot during the conference.”
—Jonathan, High School Student


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“I was unable to get a chance to thank you in person at the Georgia TSA Fall Leadership Conference because my students kept me busy. I just wanted to say: ‘That was the best keynote I have every attended (and I’ve attended over 2 dozen)!’ You made it all about and for the kids! Thank you, sir, for what you do!”
—Kevin Seymour, TSA Advisor, Central Gwinnett High School

“Kent talks to students believing they are capable of hearing, understanding, and responding! Most speakers focus on all the bad stuff in life and the things we need to avoid; Kent conveys there is a better way to live and gave us something to embrace rather than all the things we should avoid.”
—Holly, High School Student

“Kent is inspiring and deep. His talks make you evaluate your own life and really want to change it for the better. He’s also really funny. His stories get your attention so he can get you into what he is talking about.”
—Joy, High School Student

“Thanks for making this the most awesome conference I’ve ever attended!”
—Megan, High School Student

“Your talk was GREAT! I wish you would have talked more!!”
—Chip, High School Student


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“Kent is a charismatic man who knows how to challenged his audience. His stories were fused with tons of humor and an inspirational spirit. And the success secrets he shared about moving into the top 3 percent of performers encouraged those of us who desire to excel in school to go beyond what’s considered ‘normal’ and live E+R=O lives!”
—Khoa, High School Junior

“Kent’s direct approach is amazing and isn’t how typical youth speakers present. In the world today, there are less and less people who are so real with their audience.”
—Scott, College Freshman

“Kent isn’t just another, ordinary youth speaker—he is a man who knows deep inside what he believes and is therefore able to teach a moving message. Plus, the humor he incorporates really helps break the proverbial ice and opens people up to listen.”
—Chris, College Student

“I will never forget your My name is Sean, I’m 4 years old, and I hate the Wa-Wa story. It taught me that I must own my resolve and take positive steps everyday if I am to be successful.”
—MacKenzie, High School Student

“Kent Julian is really, really funny and inspirational!”
—Leigh, High School Student


Invite Kent to Speak at Your Next Event


“Gripping talks!”
—Tino, High School Senior

“Kent’s speaking is captivating, funny, encouraging, and convicting! I really liked how he uses a variety of creative, visual illustration to drive home points.”
—Lindsey, College Freshman

“Kent mixes and balances humor and fun with truth like I’ve never seen before!”
—Holly, College Student

“Kent’s a real youth speaker who talks about real stuff in a real way.”
<—Charity, High School Senior

“A great guy with lots of energy, funny, lots of passion, and incredible insight.”
—Christina, High School Junior

“Very, very funny! Almost lost my lunch I laughed so hard, especially during the Wa-Wa story.”
—Allen, High School Sophomore

“Really awesome! Kent gave a great message about how to SHOW UP AND SHINE and he gave it in a very cool way.”
—Sarah, High School Freshman

“Very powerful with his words.”
—Hannah, Middle School Student

“He’s excellent and really knows how to relate to students. The BEST youth speaker I’ve ever heard!”
—Caleb, High School Senior

“He is captivating—an enthusiastic youth speaker—very passionate about what he is talking about.”
—Katrina, College Freshman