What Educators Are Saying

“Great job of sharing classroom strategies that really work. For example, your 4 Fence Posts of 100 Percent Responsibility is so practical and real..not the run-of-the-mill strategies I’ve heard and read about from other classroom management experts. Also, your teacher assumptions are crucial for student achievement…thanks for reminding us of that. Keep telling your story—it is needed!”
—Caren Floyd, Principal, Compton United

“Kent Julian is a dynamic and entertaining education speaker. He had our faculty fully engaged throughout his presentations. Numerous staff members commented that his presentation assisted them in focusing on the right things in the classroom (i.e. classroom leadership instead of classroom management). Many also said that Kent reminded them that the most important part of their job is to help students take a step and reach their potential both in education and life. His message to teachers to focus on the positives that students possess and to assist students in reaching their potential definitely impacted our faculty. Bottom line, the presentation included outstanding practical skills that faculty members can immediately utilize in assisting students to be successful.”
—Kenney Wells, Principal, Berkmar Middle School

“Kent Julian’s presentation was awesome! He uses amazing energy, information, stories, and humor to drive home all of his excellent points. He so much more than the typical ‘motivational’ education speaker (although he is motivational). He really breaks down a teacher’s job and how to encourage outstanding performance from students with empowerment and excitement.”
—Meaghan Palmer, Teacher, G.W. Middle School

“Thank you for the inspiration. I’m especially grateful for the gift of the change in my perspective…my job is to create an environment conducive to growth and development, not to ‘force’ growth and development to happen. This wraps up the week at the HOPE Conference perfectly by freeing me to do the most important things in education.”
—Becky Hansen, Teacher 

“Bring in Kent Julian to do professional development for teachers!!! Your staff needs to hear him and they are going to love him. He is a wonderful presenter as well as a great person. He will inspire your team, put a smile on everyone’s face, make everyone laugh, and bring most people to tears. His “Teach-Ability is a 2-Way Street” and “That Day” strategy can be implemented by all teachers immediately and can change the entire environment of your school.”
—Patricia Ritchie, Instructional Officer 

“What makes Kent’s message so strong and different than typical education speakers is that he IS a success story. His life proves that teachers make a huge difference!”
—Dolores Gamboa, Teacher

“You ended the conference with the quote: What you believe in is evidenced by how you live, not by what you say. I’m taking that with me into this next school you in order to see all my students as sapphires, not paperweights! (That was another amazing story and word picture you shared.)”
—Sandy Mulholland, Special Education Teacher

“Your presentation was motivational and filled with practical classroom leadership ideas I can successfully implement right now! I recommend that administrators and teachers listen to Kent Julian’s SHOW UP AND SHINE presentation. You’ll definitely learn the difference between classroom management and classroom leadership!”
—Sylvia Castaneda, Administration, Roma High School

“It was simply the best presentation on classroom leadership I’ve ever heard!”
—Santiogo Reynoso, Teacher, Longfellow Elementary

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“So inspiring! Your presentation alone truly superseded my expectations of this conference. I will be talking about Kent for a long, long time. He made me see where I can take my students if I ‘lead’ them (and not just ‘manage’ them).”
—Brooke Schwartz, Resource Teacher, Washington School

“I left Kent’s presentation excited and wanting more! The strategies he shared are practical, and the classroom leadership skills I gained from him can be used immediately and for years to come!”
—Jessica Charlton, Edwards H. White High School 

“Kent is a gifted and motivational education speaker. His message at our Fall Kickoff event was outstanding!”
—Dr. Steve Flynt, Chief Academic Officer, Gwinnett County Public Schools

“One word…AWESOME!”
—Diana Pena, Teacher, PSJA North High School

“Kent is very motivational and obviously personally involved in the lives of kids. Kent LIVES OUT what he teaches and that’s what makes it so real, practical, and inspiring!”
—Prima Rose, Teacher, McAllen Memorial High School

“Your presentation was engaging and energizing. I loved the Barry Manilow and Cinnamon Roll Story—it really helped me remember that it’s often the little things that matter most. Absolutely a great job! You pushed and challenged me to positively change some of the ways I teach.”
—Tessa Ramos, Teacher, Eastpoint Elementary

“Great presentation—absolute home-run!”
—Domenica Sutti, Principal, Munoz Elementary

“Very inspirational and motivating. But not just normal fluff stuff…great classroom leadership tools to help me focus and teach. Every professional should hear Kent Julian speak!! Awesome and powerful!”
—Gilbert Poblano, Teacher & Coach, Eastpoint Elementary

“Mr. Julian is a very outstanding and professional education speaker. He motivates his audience to think about real life experiences and how to parallel those experiences to improve their life. What’s more, his stage presence was top notch! I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND him to other schools and event planners!!”
—Wanda Ireland, Assistant Principal, Berkmar High School

“Kent’s presentation was empowering and invigorating. His humor and transparency connected extremely well with the audience and made what he said meaningful and memorable. Thank you so much!”
—Erin Foster, Math Coach, Allen Elementary

“Wow!! Lots of great ideas I can use immediately in my classroom!!! Wonderful presentation!”
—Sally Sparks, Math Teacher, Gallatin, MO

Invite Kent to Speak at Your Next Event

“Very energetic, inspiring, and informative. A perfect balance of tons of fun and solid how-to’s for teachers!”
—Pam Daniels, Teacher

“Thank you for your great presentation. I look forward to sharing your key points with my teachers—thanks so much for sharing your slides with me. Great job!” <—Dolores Hernandez, Principal, J.S. Gillett Intermediate School

“Your stories and your enthusiasm inspire hope. I will continue to think Fence Posts of 100 Percent Responsibility from this day forward. That one tool empowered many teachers today! Thank you so much.”
—Maria Cannon, Teacher, Ridgewood School

“Thank you for the challenge and tools you gave to encourage teachers to be ‘on the job’ each day. As you said, we never know when it will be THAT DAY in the lives of our students or colleagues.”
—Martha Tipton, Special Ed. Teacher, Eastpoint Elementary

“Let us not forget how our everyday actions, attitudes, and words impact students…Kent helped us turn that switch back on!!”
—Dee Kuiken, Science Teacher, George Washington Middle School

“Outstanding, motivational, inspirational, practical, and a true home run! You validate what we do as teachers, and you gave me a great reminder as to why I chose this profession (I know the reasons, but it’s nice to be reminded every now and then).”
—Julie Bell, Teacher, Laneview Elementary

“Kent is an awesome motivational education speaker with excellent, logical, positive ways that help teachers transform everyday students into ‘diamonds.’ His strategies make sense! His stories are real and inspiring!! The possibilities for students’ success is real!”
—Gwynn Flato, Fine Arts Teacher, East Point Elementary

“Very inspirational and uplifting! I was brought to tears.”
—Marissa Frankos, Teacher, Kennedy Elementary

“I love the 100% Responsibility Fence Post idea! I will be using this in my classroom from now on.”
—Jill Dillard, Teacher, O. Garza Elementary

“An awesome presentation! Kent is very passionate about classroom leadership and, in return, those listening grow from his message.”
—Carla Argus, Principal, South High School

“I can’t wait to share the information I gained from your Ensuring Success for ALL Students presentation with my staff!”
—Joyce Cox, Counselor, Gallatin High School, MO

“Thanks for the real information that I will use immediately in my classroom starting tomorrow!”
—Josephine Littlejohn, School, Longfellow Elementary

Invite Kent to Speak at Your Next Event

“UPLIFTING! Kent would be a tremendous education speaker for the opening of a school year!”
—Zoe Marcus, Principal, Oak Ridge Elementary

“Awesomely simple and completely true! Thanks for reminding me that its all about the environment I cultivate. If you’re ever in Northern California, I hope you can speak to both our student body and our faculty team.”
—Susan Gatlin, Counselor, Terra Linda High School

“Kent did a great job of illustrating his points—I’d love to have him come speak at our middle school.”
—Jeanne Turner, Teacher, Excelsior Middle School 

“I loved the THAT DAY Strategy!”
—Licci Moore, Teacher, O. Garza Elementary

“Your presentation was entertaining and heartwarming. You gave GREAT ideas that I will take into the classroom tomorrow—especially your 4 Fence Posts of 100 Percent Responsibility. Thanks so much!”
—Barry Penning, Teacher, Excelsior Middle School

“Touching, sobering, heartwarming, real, renewing, and humorous! Kent’s message gives you hope, especially when you feel like ‘burnt toast’ (great analogy!).”
—Nicole Murchison, Teacher, Laneview Elementary School

“Heartwarming and inspiring, Kent Julian is a true motivator and advocate for ALL students.”
—Araceli Garay, Assistant Principal, Munoz Elementary

“Kent’s Ensuring Success for ALL Students presentation was very motivating! Yet, even more, he really has a sense of where our schools are at and how we can begin to change the leadership dynamic from within.”
—Danielle Hare, Teacher, Elephants Fork Elementary School