I'm Often Asked: "What Do Those Letters After Your Name Mean?"

Certified Speaking Professional - Kent Julian - CSPCSP — What is a Certified Speaking Professional?

The Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) designation, established in 1980, is the speaking industry’s international measure of professional platform skill.

The CSP is the highest-earned designation conferred by the National Speakers Association (NSA) and is only given to speakers who have met its strict qualifying criteria (see below).

The letters CSP following a speaker’s name identify that speaker as a speaking professional with a proven track record for delivering value from the platform and beyond.

How Many CSP(s) Are There?

Less than 800 professional speakers worldwide hold this designation. The small number speaks to the difficulty of meeting the qualifying criteria.

What are the Benefits of Hiring a CSP?

First and foremost, it will make your job easier.

Meeting professionals understand that even though there are a-million-and-one details involved in planning and implementing an excellent event, the success of your conference or meeting is often judged on the caliber and professionalism of the presenter(s) you select. When you choose speakers with "CSP" after their names, you are assured of working with accomplished professionals who will focus, enhance, and elevate the purpose of your meeting.

If you need a speaker who energizes and engages your audience while sharing powerful content that can be acted on right away, hire a CSP!

What are the Requirements for Earning the CSP Designation?

To earn the CSP designation as a speaker, one must document a track record that proves expertise, impeccable ethics, and exceptional client service. For instance, CSP candidates must:

  • Document a minimum of 250 paid speaking engagements within a five-year period.
  • Receive excellent performance evaluations from satisfied clients.
  • Submit an unedited video of a 45-minute speaking engagement to a live audience for review and approval by a panel of professional speakers who have already earned their CSP designation.

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