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Below are Kent's Most Requested Keynotes for 2024

Kent Julian is on a mission...

Motivational youth speaker Kent Julian is on a mission to help teens move from DREAM to DO and live into their best story. With humor, wit, and incredible story-telling talent, Kent inspires young people to turn their greatest adversities into their greatest advantages.

Part stand-up comedian. Part dynamic story-teller. Incredible motivational speaker!

“Part stand-up comedian. Part dynamic storyteller. Incredible motivational youth speaker! Kent Julian is the master of inviting his audience on a journey of laughter, encouragement, intensity, and inspiration while communicating clearly that each of us can be 100% responsible for our success in both life and leadership. Easily one of the best motivational speakers for students we've ever had, and we've highly recommended him to other states.”

Lisa Firestone, State Officer Coordinator
SkillsUSA Indiana

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Kent's Most-Requested Keynotes for 2023

Keynote Speaker - Kent Julian - DREAM to DO - CSP Speaker


How to Live Your Best Story by Turning Your Greatest Adversities into Your Greatest Advantages

What You Believe in is Evidenced by the Steps You Take, Not Just by the Words You Say

Success in life and leadership is not the result of everything going your way. True success only occurs when you have the ability to turn your greatest adversities into your greatest advantages. This means in order to win in life and leadership, you must lead your life instead of letting life lead you.

In this powerful and life-changing keynote, teens are inspired to move from DREAM to DO by facing their toughest challenges and stepping into their best lives!

Results & Benefits

Teens will discover how to:

  • Take big leaps forward by focusing on the small step right in front of them
  • Use the E+R=O strategy to guarantee success no matter what circumstances they face
  • Turn their greatest adversities into their greatest advantages

Your audience will:

  • Laugh until their sides hurt
  • Be fully engaged through interactive experiences and captivating stories
  • Be passionately challenged to make real-life and leadership changes
  • Walk out with specific success skills that can be implemented immediately and remembered forever


We'll definitely rebook Kent!

“We received nothing but positive comments about Kent’s opening and closing keynotes at our State Conference! As a motivational youth speaker, he is a master at reading his audience, authentically connecting with them, and interjecting humor even in the most serious moments. Kent kept EVERYONE engaged from start to finished. We’ll definitely rebook him!”

— Andrea Vail, Executive Director
Virginia Association of Student Councils

Youth Motivational Speaker - Kent Julian - Leading Others into Their Best Story

Leading Others into Their Best Story

The Truth About Courageous Leadership

A Life Not Invested is a Life Not Lived


The reason so many people feel empty is because, intentionally or unintentionally, their life purpose and goals are self-serving. Life only becomes meaningful when you realize your mission is not to serve yourself, but to add value to others. This leadership keynote challenges students to get honest about what it truly means to be a leader. It is a call-to-action to make a difference in the lives of others!

Results & Benefits

Student leaders will discover how to:

  • Take 100 percent ownership of leading their own lives first
  • Lead others into their bigger story
  • Set and achieve audacious leadership goals for their organization

Your audience will:

  • Laugh until their sides hurt
  • Be fully engaged through captivating experiences and stories
  • Be motivated to make leadership more than a title
  • Walk out with 3 specific strategies for positively influencing the leadership culture in their organization


Kent was the perfect keynote speaker to kick off our State Conference!

"Kent Julian was the perfect keynote speaker to kick off our State Conference for an audience of over 7,000, and all I heard were positive comments from our advisers, students, and guests. He grabbed our attention right from the start, his message was very open and honest, and his main point was so clear and easy to understand: Events + RESPONSE = Outcome. 

Everyone loved Kent’s personal stories and the way he interacted with us from the stage. His timing is great, his message is relevant, he is the easiest motivational youth speaker you will work with, and it’s obvious he personally walks his talk.”

—Denise Morris, State Adviser
Oklahoma FCCLA

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